1 - 30 September 2020

A sculpture is a work of art inserted into space, which is incorporated into it and at the same time makes it part of its artistic proposal and its relationship with the viewer. The main attribute of a sculptural work is the multiplication of points of view: the sculpture can be surrounded, it does not have a single front, but allows the transformation of the gaze and the experience by the displacement of those who face it.


Abstract sculptures, and especially those that explore the problems of perception, focus on this multiplicity of the artwork and on the relationships that are established between it and the surrounding space. How the forms appear and disappear, how what we see is a partial and changing result, how the work gathers the external reality in its voids and is modified according to the place of its location.


The works included in this exhibition are different approaches to these issues made in the last decade by artists of various ages and origins, who have made sculpture the center or a fundamental part of their searches. At Marión Art Gallery we have decided to bring them together as a reading proposal: the sculptural work is a creator of spaces, of places always renewed by the influence of its volumes.

Installation Views