Collective exhibition: Collective

1 December 2021 - 30 April 2022

Our collective exhibition has a space dedicated to artworks by Carlos Cruz-Diez, where you can find his pieces in different formats, such as special editions of his distinguished Physichromie Panam series, sculptures such as the "Cromovela Taboga" and limited projects edition as the Carpet "Serie Caroní" in collaboration with Nanimarquina or the "Vitral de Otazu Project" with the distinguished Winerie from Navarra, Spain.


In this space we also present a new piece titleded "Esferificación de la línea" by the artist Pablo Armesto, who pays tribute to Carlos Cruz-Diez and who for the first time uses color in his work with fiber optics. These three pieces that are in dialogue with the artworks in their environment.


On the other hand, we present a room dedicated to photographic works by renowned artists such as "The invisible man" Liu Bolin, the Brazilian Rochelle Costi, and the young Venezuelan photographer Donaldo Barros with pieces from his series "Streetnetic ".


To end this experience, you will find a space of diptychs of contemporary artists such as Felipe Pantone, Nelio, Luisa Duarte, and for the first time exhibited in our gallery, the Panamanian artist Nessim Bassan. In turn, this room is accompanied by the 30x30cm works of the Square Art of our allies at Kromya Design Store, where there are pieces by Carlos Cruz-Diez, Felipe Pantone, Rodrigo Machado, among other renowned international artists, who exclusively designed these limited edition artworks for this project.

Installation Views