Collective Exhibition: Collective

1 May - 31 July 2022

We currently present in our spaces the works of artists such as Cisco Merel, Pablo Armesto, Omar Ibáñez, Paul Muguet, Manuel Ojeda, Jesús Ojeda, EDO, among many others that illustrate a diversity of techniques, materials and concepts that coincide in Marión Art Gallery for that our visitors can enjoy the different visions in the world of art.

In this collective exhibition we have a room dedicated to works by Maestro Carlos Cruz-Diez, where you can find his pieces in different formats, such as special editions of his distinguished Physichromie Panam series, sculptures such as the "Cromovela Taboga" and limited edition projects. such as the "Caroní Series" Carpet in collaboration with Nanimarquina or the Otazu Vitral Project together with the distinguished Bodega de Navarra, Spain.

Installation Views