Chromosaturation at Expo Dubai 2020

Carlos Cruz-Diez

Incredible images of the most recent Chromosaturation of Master Carlos Cruz-Diez inaugurated this December 12 and that will run until January 15, 2022 at France Dubai 2020 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.


This flagship work of the Master of Color was created in Paris in 1965 and consists of an artificial environment made up of three cameras (one red, one green and one blue) that immerse the viewer in a multisensory experience that reveals what they loved so much remember about light: that color is not a certainty, but a circumstance.


This participatory work encompasses two of the essential concerns of the artist: the study of color and the participation of the viewer in the work of art, which reveals color as an autonomous fact that does not need forms to exist and in which the viewer, bathed in light, notes how the tones change as they move through space.


????: Guillaume Argento / France Pavilion

December 13, 2021
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