Francisco Muñoz Tlaxcala, Mexico., b. 1986.


Francisco Muñoz’ multidisciplinary practice encompasses sculpture, drawing, collage, painting, textiles, and installations. He studied at “La Esmeralda” National School of Painting, Sculpture, and Engraving in Mexico City, and then at The National School of Fine Arts in Lyon, in a fellowship program. His work is rooted in the questioning and analysis of national identities, particularly in aesthetic terms. Having been raised in Tlaxcala, the state´s crucial contribution to the imagery of Mexican history in relation to the Spanish Conquest, is evident in his oeuvre. In that sense, Muñoz approaches Pre-Columbian symbols as a part of present discourses that are necessary to question and explore. 


One of the main axes of his work is the relationship among objects in different contexts, as well as how their meanings can be reordered through material changes, conceptual associations, or painting interventions. The possibilities that the adaptation of objects mean in different environments, are key to Muñoz’ practice: the identity of each piece begins with multiplicity, with the encounter between their “original” meaning and those they come to assimilate both in the process of artistic work and in the meeting point with spectators. This syncretism directly connects the conceptual and the material, and it is in that line where his work develops.


Currently, he lives and works in Mexico City.


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