Carlos Medina Barquisimeto, Venezuela, b. 1953.


He studied Pure Art and Art History at the Cristóbal Rojas School of Visual Arts in Caracas.


He has developed his trajectory between Europe and America. He lived and worked in Carrara, Italy, for 7 years. He attended painting classes dictated by Getulio Alviani at the Academy of Fine Arts, held exhibitions in Europe and frequented the studios of important artists, including Gio Pomodoro, Alicia Penalba, Carlo Sergio Signori and Gonzalo Fonseca, as well as Jesus Soto and Carlos Cruz Diez, the two mayor representatives of Venezuelan Kinetic art, among other renowned Latin American artists.


In Venezuela, he has been recognized with all the prizes awarded to Venezuelan sculpture, highlighting the great prize of the Michelena Salon in its 50th edition.


He has had exhibitions in almost all the national museums of Venezuela, including the Caracas Museum of Fine Arts, and three exhibitions at the Museum of Contemporary Art, also in Caracas. He has an important career in Symposia, Biennials, and International Sculpture Workshops, as well as in the development of monumental artworks and urban projects.