Nessim Bassan Panama City, Panama, b. 1950.


He was born in Panama City in 1950. He presented his first individual exhibition in 1968 and participated in collectives from 1970. In those years he had a meteoric artistic career, exhibiting individually at Panarte in 1971 and being invited by José Gómez Sicre to exhibit at the OAS in Washington, DC in 1973. He gained renown by being selected and awarded in the Xerox Contests of 1970, 1971, 1972 and 1973. Then he took a break from the art world, dedicating himself to his family and his profession, and painting alone for himself.


The time to bring his ideas to life again came in 2019, when he began painting every day, taking his sketches from paper into real-life works of art. Today, it is not only his passion, but his only occupation. Since his magical visit to the Guggenheim Museum in Venice, the need to paint became overwhelming and filled with passion. Each new work brings with it an avalanche of variations that lead to other works.