C O L O R                     P O S S I B I L I T I E S


Marión Gallery at      Art Toronto 2016



Carlos Cruz-Diez
Cisco Merel
David Magán
Manuel Ojeda
Luis Tomasello

Booth F11



For the 2016 edition of the Art Toronto art fair, Marión Gallery has prepared a collective exhibition of five artists who, even though each has developed a very different research and investigation, also show a shared concern about the possibilities of color in art.

Starting with renown figures like Carlos Cruz-Diez and Luis Tomasello, who have made color the key element of their artistic inquires, to younger artists like Manuel Ojeda, David Magán and Cisco Merel, who each in their own style, has explored the different uses of color in art, always from a geometric and constructive perspective.

Marión Gallery is a cultural space in Panama, which aims to present new forms of contemporary art, as well as to encourage and strengthen the link between the artworks and the viewer. Our spaces in Panama City are intended to show works by international artists, especially in the field of abstraction and geometry. We have a permanent exhibition of artworks by Carlos Cruz-Diez.