Colored Barks


Source: La Prensa, Helkin Guevara
Location: Panama, Panama
Date: 24.09.2013
English version: Marión Gallery

Damián Hernández, Argentine photographer and audiovisual producer, recognizes that the handful of multicolored images of tree barks on his new show "seem the result of camera tricks or digital edition", but not, "they haven't been retouched or manipulated; I mean, I don't put colors nor textures where they aren't".

They are photographs that he has been gathering since 2009, when he began to travel around Panama, and that will be shown in Marion Gallery since September 24th with the name of "Barks", which received the approval of the Master Carlos Cruz-Diez in his workshop in the country.

"I want to show the perfection of nature through the camera and establish innovative dialogue between nature and art, I always say: actual photos of real trees (...). This is a photographic research I've been developing over the last five years. In fact, my first picture with a camera (an analog one), as a teenager, was of the bark of a tree", details who is also a filmmaker.

Rainbow Eucalyptus and "Sigua Blanca" are some of the species of trees that "posed" for Hernandez.

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