90 years of color


Source: Dilatar la pupila, Joel Bracho Ghersi
Location: Panama, Panama / Caracas, Venezuela
Date: 30.08.2013
English version: Marión Gallery

At ninety, Carlos Cruz-Diez walks steadily, smiles often and usually rejects those who invite him to sit. Standing most of the time, he talks to everyone and makes sharp observations about the most diverse topics. He is an active, lucid and cheerful man. When someone asks him what his secret is, the artist answers: "always having a project". And Cruz-Diez doesn't stop having projects.

By visiting the exhibition "Cruz-Diez: 90 años de color" ("Cruz-Diez: 90 years of color"), which Marión Gallery Panama prepared to celebrate the birthday of the Venezuelan Maestro, the first thing that stands out is that the works are recent, many of this year. Cruz-Diez is a ninety-year-old artist who is not only in constant production of new works, but still looking for different solutions to the problems his artistic research has turned around. When reviewing the body of his work, it is easy to see that while his speech draws a solid line of the clearest statements about color, the material support of that speech and the technical means that make it possible have been the subject of continual renewal. Cruz-Diez is always pursuing more effective and cleaner solutions.

The Marión Gallery exhibition includes works of various types and formats: Additions Chromatiques, Inductions Chromatiques and Physichromies invite to explore the walls of the rooms, while a Chromosaturation becomes a point of arrival and main attraction for visitors. All works have been produced with the latest materials and techniques that the Maestro has added to its production, and in the case of the Chromosaturation, for the first time they used LED lighting panels, instead of neon lamps that traditionally had been used to generate monochrome environments that characterize these works.

For the opening of the exhibition on the evening of Thursday, August 15th, the gallery space was completed by a large outdoor tent in which was installed an Environnement Chromointerférent. There, under the projection of a grid of lines of variable colors and in constant motion, the guests were able to share with the Maestro and participate in his homage. Attendees came from all over: besides the Panamanian public, family and friends of the artist came from around the world. His friends from Caracas and other cities in Venezuela, their children and grandchildren from Paris and Venezuelan artists Rafael Barrios, Angel Hurtado, Rafael Martínez, Carlos Medina, Nanín, Ignacio Monque and Héctor Ramírez, were among those who came to celebrate with the Maestro.

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