Thomas Witte: Cortes

About the exhibition
Venue: Sala 1
Date: 13.09.2016 - 01.10.2016
  • Thomas Witte

Thomas Witte is an American artist who lives and works in New Jersey, and specializes in creating complex scenes in paper stencils carefuly cut by hand.
Witte studied sculpture at Rutgers University, and then traveled to Argentina, where he learned the technique of stencil from creators of the local graffiti and street art scene. Later, he decided to make the stencil itself the object of his work focusing on the cutting process. Thus he recreates on paper old photographs taken by his grandfather, as well as some newer captured by the artist himself.
His laborious process includes proyecting the photo on the paper, drawing guiding lines that serve as map, and finally hand-cutting the lines and shapes that make up the image.

“The choices made in the drawing process will produce a final piece as close to the original photograph as possible, portraying the illusion of light, shadow, depth, reflection, texture and color.”
-Thomas Witte