Héctor Ramírez: Esferas

About the exhibition
Venue: Rooms 1 and 3
Date: 16.05.2014 - 28.06.2014
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  • Héctor Ramírez

Venezuelan artist Héctor Ramírez (Punta de Mata, Monagas State, 1955), brings this new exhibition to Marion Gallery, presenting a major selection of his Spheres. Ramirez has developed a personal and innovative plastic proposal in which he manages to generate virtual volumes that appear to float in space and change before the viewer's eyes.

The work of Héctor Ramírez is part of a long tradition derived from optical and geometrical art of the last century, while constituting a new approach, differentiated from the masters who preceded him. To build his Spheres, Ramírez uses overlapping planes with frames that interact with each other. He works with lines that are curved in different ways to generate circular shapes through accumulation, and by superimposing them he creates the spherical volumes that characterize his plastic work.

All works in this show have been produced in Articruz workshop facilities in Panama, using latest materials and technology to achieve the highest standards of manufacture. For nearly two decades, Héctor Ramírez was a close collaborator to Carlos Cruz-Diez in his workshop in Caracas. Nowadays, he often develops his work in Articruz, where he has all the technical and human resources necessary to produce his work and comply with his international commitments.

Héctor Ramírez's Spheres require the viewer, who must complete them with his eyes. Every look raises a new artwork, which varies depending on the point of view and the displacement of the observer. Marión Gallery is pleased to present the first major solo exhibition of Héctor Ramírez in Panama after his participation in some of our collective exhibitions.


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