Colective Exhibition January-February 2014

About the exhibition
Venue: Marión Gallery
Date: 16.01.2014 - 27.02.2014
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  • Klaus Staudt
  • Rafael Barrios
  • Karin Radoy

In Marion Gallery we begin this 2014 with a group exhibition that brings together the most recent works of three of our international artists: sculptures of venezuelan Rafael Barrios, the works of the German maestro Klaus Staudt, and some diptychs from another german artist, Karin Radoy.

In this collective exhibition, we offer to the public of Panama City a series of works in which the monochrome and light combine to generate volumetric creations and unexpected perceptual phenomena.

In the sculptures of Barrios, playing with shapes and altering the laws of geometry allow the production volumes in space and explore new possibilities of perception. Using heavy and durable materials such as steel, he builds light and dynamic works, creating contrasts between its magnitude and lightness. For this sample we have selected a set of small sculptures in dialogue with manipulative works on a larger scale.

Meanwhile, the work of Staudt is organized according to a systematic and geometric thinking, incorporating three-dimensional elements in different planes, whose perception varies with the movement of the viewer. In addition, he manages to produce varied ranges and shades different to the actual color od the support, using colored plexiglass sheets that modify items located at the bottom, depending on the intensity of light they receive. In this exhibition we have brought together works of small and medium format, in which the artist explores different colors and construction procedures

Finally, Radoy presents a work in wich painting blends with the support material in a unique aesthetic construct with geometric characteristics: the work is the support, without gaps between figure and background, work and matter. In her work, the repetition of the same sign, sometimes reversed or modified and designed as a diptych, produces dynamic tensions grounded in the idea of ??duality. For this exhibition three diptychs by Radoy generate fruitful dialogues with spatial searches of Barrios and Staudt.

Three different artists, whith solid and structured speeches that come together on related searches. We invite you to explore them with us.