Venue: Marión Gallery
Date: 24.09.2013 - 09.11.2013
  • Damián Hernández

From September 24th to November 9th 2013, Photographer Damián Hernández brings to Marion Gallery part of a photographic research he has been developing over recent years, in which he focuses on patterns and colors of barks from around the world.

Most of the photographs chosen for the exhibition were taken in Panama, especially in the Highlands of Chiriquí, the Valle de Antón and Boca Grande Island in Darién. What first strikes us about them is the unique richness of color of rainbow eucalyptus (Eucalyptus Deglupta), one of the world's most colorful trees, with colors ranging from green to orange, including blue and violet. These trees are naturally found in cold areas of the tropics, so the highlands of Panama, with its fresh air streams are ideal for their growth and development.

The unusual colors of these barks and the artistic perspective adopted by the photographer, produce some amazing images that seem the result of camera tricks or digital edition. However, these photographs have not been retouched or manipulated in any way, and they show the perfection of nature captured from an artist view. Damián Hernández brings to Marión Gallery an exceptional exhibition, able to establish innovative dialogues between nature and art.