Colective Exhibition November-December 2013

About the exhibition
Venue: Marión Gallery
Date: 14.11.2013 - 21.12.2013
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  • Abel Ventoso
  • Klaus Staudt
  • Nanín
  • Héctor Ramírez
  • Carlos Medina

From November 14th, 2013 five different proposals on abstraction are shown in Marion Gallery.

The new colective exhibition brings together five international artists whose works respond to diverse aesthetic inquiries and yet share an interest on volume, approaching to the geometric and clean shapes. The german maestro Klaus Staudt, argentine Abel Ventoso and venezuelan Carlos Medina, Hector Ramirez and Nanín are the artists participating in the exhibition.

In the works in this exhibition, the third dimension appears as a common factor that can generate multiple readings by the movement of the viewer. In some of them, elements disposed in different patterns, generate changes in the work and the appearance and disappearance of real or virtual volumes. And in others, the support itself seems to move toward the viewer, forming folds or signs that can only be grasped when viewed from different perspectives.

In all these works, is perception that is at stake. In the work of Ramírez, thanks to the superposition of planes virtual volumes are perceived in constant transformation, while in that of Ventoso those volumes are real and yet unstable, producing doubt about what we perceive. In the work of Medina, this problem manifests itself through misunderstanding, as the viewer finds it difficult to determine if what you see in them are folds or insertions of other material on the bottom support.

In the case of Nanín, the artist has created his own artistic language through the invention of a whole alphabet whose characters used as building blocks for each work. The alphabetic sign so becomes plastic, generating various reading levels that are presented to the viewer simultaneously.

Finally, Staudt, the great maestro in this exhibition and collaborator of Zero Group of Germany during the 60's, provides a geometry which changes with the movement of the viewer proposing at the same time an approach to the chromatic world, by using colored plexiglass sheets that modify the items located behind them.

In addition, many of the works are of very recent production and so far had not been exposed in Panama. So this is an opportunity to see new works of world renowned artists of wide experience that, although belonging to different generations, share a certain way of approaching the aesthetic phenomenon. An plural exhibition, with which Marion Gallery continues its search for new artistic proposals.