Venue: Marión Gallery
Date: 15.11.2012 - 31.12.2012
  • n-a
  • Manfredo Massironi
  • Ennio Chiggio
  • Alberto Biasi
  • Edoardo Landi
  • Marina Apollonio

Also the artist Víctor Lucena.

Grupo N is formed in Padova, Italy, in 1959 with artists Alberto Biasi, Ennio Chiggio, Toni Costa, Edoardo Landi and Manfredo Massironi. This group embraces a definite and kinetic trend. According to its own Manifesto, September 1961, "the letter N encompasses a group of experimental designers united by the need for collective research."

Members of this group focus their activity in visual and kinetic investigations related to the psychology of perception, represented in objects and ambience that involve the viewer. Beside the five founders of the group, we include in the exhibit Marina Apollonio and Victor Lucena, who, although not directly involved in Group N, have similar proposals to those developed by the artists of Padova.

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