Cruz-Diez: El color, una circunstancia espacial y temporal

About the exhibition
Venue: Marión Gallery
Date: 22.04.2010 - 19.06.2010

Artist: Carlos Cruz-Diez.

Carlos Cruz-Diez is one of the great figures of contemporary art, especially optical kinetic art. The exhibition "Cruz-Diez: El color, una circunstancia espacial y temporal " provides an overview of the artistic research made by Carlos Cruz-Diez, since 1954, through Caracas, Barcelona and Paris.

The exhibited works confront us with different color behaviors addressed as an autonomous reality set in actual time and space, without the help of form. For this occasion we have put together a number of pieces ranging from Construcción en Cadena ocre y morado, 1957, up to the series Balboa and the Physichromies Panam, his latest creations.

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