Marión Gallery presente en Art Toronto 2017



For Art Toronto 2017 we have gathered a selected group of Venezuelan, Panamanian and American artists who use abstraction as a way to explore perception. From Venezuelan worldwide renowned master of color Carlos Cruz-Diez, to one of the most international young artists from Panama, Cisco Merel, this show presents a wide range of possibilities in perceptual research, both in color and black and white.

The selection is completed with Manuel Ojeda’s studies on color and Rafael Barrios’’ virtual shapes and volumes,, alongside with the optical black and white inquires by Héctor Ramírez and Rodrigo Machado. Through the work of these artists we invite you to discover current concerns in contemporary geometric abstraction.

O c t o b e r   2 7 t h - 3 0 t h  
M e t r o    C o n v e n t i o n    C e n t r e , 
T o r o n t o ,  C A .