Nelio is a French contemporary artist known for his abstract street art work composed of colorful and geometrical shapes.

Born in 1982 in eastern France, Nelio is a self-taught artist who began painting graffiti in the late 90s. Since then, he has developed a unique artistic approach, composed of symbols, letters, landscapes and primary geometric forms. Nelio’s style floats between representational and abstract combining a number of impressions into a remarkable collage of different elements.

In his artworks Nelio deals with the idea that everything is related in some way. His paintings are an abstract and minimalist representation of the universe, with a special focus on humanity, nature and technology.

Besides his spray paint murals, Nelio also makes installations. Made of found objects such as metal and wood, his black and white or colourful installations are composed of symbols, primary forms and sometimes letters, landscapes or facial features. His murals grace walls of numerous buildings, from public to abandoned ones, across Europe, Australia, Asia and South America.

Among his solo and group shows, the following stand out: “Back & Forth by Nelio” Backwoods Gallery, Collingwood, Australia (2015), “Collapsus” 886 Geary Gallery, San Francisco, United States (2015) “Graffuturism 5 Year Anniversary Exhibition” 886 Geary Gallery (2015), “A study of Camuflage” Backwoods Gallery, Collingwood, Australia (2015), “Le M.U.R.XIII” Paris, France (2014), “Knotenpunkt” Kolbenhof, Hamburg, Germany (2014), “Moscow Street Art Biennale” Moscow, Rusia (2014), “Abstract” BC Gallery, Berlin, Germany (2014), “Bien Urbain Mural Festival” Besancon, France (2011).

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