Marina Apollonio

About the artist

Trieste, Italy (1940)

Daughter of the renowned art critic Umbro Apollonio, Marina grows up in a stimulating artistic environment. She studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice focusing on graphic and industrial design and architectural interiors.

In 1964 she returns to Paris, where she worked for some time and produced her first works “Rilievi metallici a sequenze cromatiche alternante” using modern industrial materials to create calculated structures, which in the viewer's vision become dynamic, fluctuating spaces.

Also in 1964, she meets Getulio Alviani (1939), an artist of the same trend who encourages her to actively participate in various exhibitions.

In 1965 she joins the international movement "“Nuova Tendenza”, participating in the exhibition “Galerija Suvremene Umjetnosti” at the Art Museum of Zagreb. She also works with Grupo N of Padova, Group T of Milan and meets members of the group GRAV of France and Zero Group of Germany.

In the following years, she participates in numerous international collective exhibitions, becoming one of the most important artists of kinetic art. She currently lives and works in Padova.