Caracas, Venezuela (1959)

She studies architecture at the Universidad del Zulia, Maracaibo, Venezuela; drawing at the Academia Federico Brandt, Caracas, Venezuela, with the artist Abilio Padron and graphic design, at Washington University, Seattle, USA. In addition, she studies various specific techniques to help her develop her work as lithography, woodcut, watercolor and digital art, amongst others.

She defines her work as an intimate portrait, in which, she plays with color and lines as tools for generating links between the viewer and the emotions of the artist. With a vibrant color palette, she tries to reflect her inner thoughts in compositions and structures full of texture and color.

Among her individual and collective exhibitions, the following stand out: VI Exposición Colectiva Regional “Fundación José Felix Ribas”, Banco Mara, Maracaibo (2002); “Lo que me dejó el mar”, Facultad de Arquitectura, Universidad del Zulia, Maracaibo (2003); V Biennale International in Watercolor, Viña del Mar (2006); Art in the park, Georgetown (2006); “A dos tintas”, American-Venezuelan Center, Maracaibo (2007); “Works”, Greener lifestyles, Art-walk, Ballard (2007); “Studios 2315” , Studio R, Houston (2009); “Art without borders”, Live Oak Art Center, Columbus (2010); “Cromatica-Explorations”, Babaloo Gallery, Katy (2012); “From Bold to Ethereal”, Galeria Regina, Houston (2013).

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