Shandong Province, China (1973)

He lives, since 1999, in Beijing, where he earned a diploma in sculpture at the Central Academy of Fine Arts, 2001. His beginnings as a sculptor were interrupted in 2005 by the expropriation and destruction of his workshop, after which he creates his first self-portrait camouflaged in front of the ruins.

In his series "Urban Camouflage", Liu Bolin paints himself using traditional painting techniques with the aim of integrating his image to common backgrounds such as a garden or a newsstand, and then takes a photograph. When the viewer is confronted with these "camouflages" he discovers the figure of the artist as an element foreign to the landscape. Here, inedited studies are produced by the perception of what was supposedly invisible.

Although the final support of the work is photography, the artist simultaneously enriches his dialogue by transiting the world of sculpture, of body painting and performance. It is quite interesting and instructive to note that in the last century and a half since the advent of photography as a means of expression, artists like Bolin manage to innovate by creating new outlets for this medium.

Among his individual and collective exhibitions the following stand out: “Di-di-dismantle”, Beijing International Arts, Beijing (2005); “Exposition d’Art Contemporain”, Quingzou (2006); “Toronto International Art Fair” (2007); “Liu Bolin”, Galerie Bertin Toublanc (2007); “Memory”, BS1 Gallery, Beijing (2008); “Liu Bolin” Galerie Adler, Paris (2008); “Camouflage”, La Casa Encendida, Madrid (2009); “Hiding in the city” Galería Tagomago, Barcelona (2009); “HomeLessHome”, Museum on the Seam, Jerusalem (2010); “On Fire”, Eli Kelin Fine Art, Nueva York (2010); “Hiding in the city”, Galerie Paris-Beijing, Paris (2011).