Offenbach, Germany (1957)

She studied painting at the School of Design in Offenbach and at the Academy of Fine Arts Städelschule in Frankfurt. In 2001 he won a scholarship from the International Artist 's House Villa Concordia.

In her work, painting merges with the support material in a unique aesthetic construct with geometric characteristics: the work is the support, without gaps between figure and background, work and matter.

In Radoy's work, repetition of the same sign, sometimes reversed or modified and designed as a diptych, produces dynamic tensions grounded in the idea of ??duality. The relationship between the two elements of the diptych, is enhanced by the interaction between them and the background on which they are, in a play of shadows that vary with lighting and position of the viewer.

Her works are in numerous public and private collections and have been exhibited in various art fairs in cities like Basel, Frankfurt, Cologne and Karlsruhe.

Her recent solo and group exhibitions include: “Accrochage”, Mies van der Rohe Haus, Berlin (2000); “Poesie der Farbe”, Galerie St. Johann, Saarbrücken (2001); “Bon-Bon”, Galerie Gudrun Spielvogel, München (2003); “Diptychen”, Kapelle Oststadt-Krankenhaus, Hannover (2004);; “Peinture-objets”, Edition Fanal, Basel (2006); “Art construit-Art concret”, Musée de Cambrai, Cambrai (2007); “Réalités Nouvelles 2009”, Parc Floral de Paris (2009); “Gimpel & Müller chez Gimpel Fils”, Galerie Gimpel Fils, London (2009); “Mille Feuilles”, Galerie Spielvogel, München (2010); “Karin Radoy, Daniel de Spirit”, Galerie Gimpel & Müller, Paris (2010); “Formes et lumièr:la sculpture dans l’art construit”, Pierre-André Benoît Museum, Alés (2012).