José de Oliveira Macaparana

About the artist

Macaparana, Pernambuco, Brazil (1952)

Painter, illustrator and self-taught sculptor. At only eighteen years of age, in 1970, Macaparana presents his first solo exhibition in Recife. In 1973 he moves to São Paulo where he currently resides. His interest in sculpture grows as his career progresses.

He has participated in numerous biennials, fairs and exhibitions, amongst which are the Bienal Iberoamericana de Arte en México (1984); "Art Salão Contemporânea Paulista" in São Paulo (1986); the XXI Bienal Internacional de São Paulo and the editions of ARCO in Madrid since 2005.

Among his individual and collective exhibitions, the following stand out: Galeria de Empetur, Recife (1970); Galeria Portal, São Paulo (1975); “Caminhos da Arte Brasileira”, MASP - Museu de Arte de São Paulo, São Paulo (1986); “Paulistas em Brasília”, Museu de Arte de Brasilia, Brasilia (1987); “Doações Recentes”, Pinacoteca do Estado de São Paulo, São Paulo (1994); “Brasil Anos 20 a 90”, MAC Museu de Arte Contemporânea USP, São Paulo (2003); “Esculturas e Pinturas”, DAN Galeria, São Paulo (2004); Galería Cayón, Madrid (2009).