London, Canada (1974)

Although born in Canada, his childhood and adolescence are spent in the southern United States. At fifteen, his family settles in Houston, where his fascination with American comics begins, especially for those between the 40s and 70s. His work explores the internal structure of comics, focusing particularly on the spaces between the vignettes.

Among his individual and collective exhibitions, the following stand out: “Allegories and Parables”, Commerce Street Art Warehouse, Houston (2000); “Closer, closer”, Lawndale Art Centre, Houston (2002); “Work and Play”, Flor y Canto Gallery, San Diego (2003); “Over Hung”, Concrete Walls, Los Angeles (2004); “Hard Edge Shadows”, Art of Framing Gallery, San Diego (2005); “Together Again, and Better than Ever”, Art of Framing Gallery, San Diego (2006); “Collage”, Williams Tower, Houston (2008); “Recent Work”, Sicardi Gallery, Houston (2010); “Pasted Pages: The Art of Collage”, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston (2011).