Buenos Aires, Argentina (1975)

He studies architecture, acquiring the ideal knowledge to develop his artistic discourse.

His work, based on abstraction, seeks to emphasize the formal aspects of art through an autonomous language manifested in the proposal of visual and tactile experiences. In this way, the viewer is incorporated into the work in real time and space. The rigorously programmed geometrical compositions, which is the fundamental constant in the expression of the artist’s plastic language, generate refined and personal aesthetics of volumetric games, which take place in artworks, simultaneously inhabited by painting and sculpture.

One of the attributes of Ventoso is the knowledge and use of new materials and innovative techniques. Different types of colored plastic, segmented and heat-modified, generate surprising shapes that vary and multiply according to the viewer's movements and the changes of light and shadow, which add dynamic effects. In this sense, the artist, explains that “The use of unconventional materials and techniques, allows me to highlight the value of volumetric aspects and its expressive power”.

Since 2007 Ventoso has developed an interesting career. His works have been exhibited in prestigious exhibitions and galleries, and have been included in important international art collections.

Among his individual and collective exhibitions, the following stand out: “Fragmentaria V”, Sanzi & Buchler, Buenos Aires, Argentina (2007); “Fragmentaria colectiva II”, Sanzi & Buchler, Buenos Aires, Argentina (2008); “4 miradas” Santiago Echeberria, Madrid, Spain (2008); “The Man Show”, Walker Fine Art, Denver, CO, USA (2008); Expotrastiendas, Buenos Aires, Argentina (2008); LA art Fair, Los Angeles, California, USA (2009); Arte BA, Buenos Aires, Argentina (2009); “Trayectos”, Santiago Echeberria, Madrid, España (2009); Art Santa Fe show, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA (2009).