Originally from Poland, 1010 moved with his parents to Germany, when he was eight years old. He began his artistic career creating contemporary abstract birds and snakes, with some taking on tie-dye and painterly textures with an almost computer generated smoothness. For the past few years 1010 has been mostly focused on an abstract concept of making “holes on the walls”. 1010, is widely recognized for his amazing works that trick the mind to appear like holes and three dimensional shapes on walls. Every piece from his series of op-art murals seem like colorful portals inhabiting
the urban landscape.

1010 recently created one of his largest “portals” to date. Located over the closed section of highway in Paris, measuring 4500m², this impressive optical illusion was painted over the course of 7 days using 400 liters (105.6 gallons) of paint.

For his gallery shows, 1010 minimize his oversized murals into smaller works, primarily consisted of acrylic paint on hand-cut paper.

Among his solo and group shows, the following stand out: “Limbus” Hashimoto Contemporary Gallery, San Francisco, United States (2015); “Mise en Abyme” Backside Gallery, Marseille, France (2015); “ST+ART Delhi” New Delhi, India (2015); “Knotenpunkt” Affenfaust Gallery, Hamburg, Germany (2014); “Public Provocations” Colab Gallery, Weil am Rhein, Germany (2014); “1010” Affenfaust Gallery, Hamburg, Germany (2014); “Stroke Art Fair” Berlin, Germany (2013); “Fission | Fusion”, Stamp-Festivals Hamburg, Germany (2011); “High Five Universe” Viktoria -Kaserne, Hamburg, Germany (2011); “Hat Trick” Recoat Gallery, Glasgow (2010); “As if by Magic” Neurotitan Gallery, Berlin, Germany (2010); “Minus Minus” Galerie auf Halb Acht, Hamburg, Germany (2009).

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